Guidelines to Parents

We understand the importance of our shared responsibilities in ensuring the success and well-being of our students at Shri Bala Vidhya Mandir Matriculation Higher Secondary School. As partners in your child's education, we would like to emphasize certain key points for your attention and cooperation:

  • Regular Attendance:

    Please ensure that your child attends school regularly and punctually. Consistent attendance is crucial for academic success and helps in the overall development of your child.

  • Uniform Compliance:

    Send your child to school in the prescribed uniform that is clean, proper, and in good condition. This fosters a sense of discipline and unity among students.

  • Valuables:

    Kindly ensure that your child does not bring any valuable items to school to avoid any risk of loss or distraction during the learning process.

  • School Materials:

    Ensure that your child carries the necessary books and notebooks according to the daily timetable. Being well-prepared enhances their learning experience.

  • Health and Well-being:

    If your child is unwell, it is advisable to keep them at home and not send them to school until they have fully recovered. Additionally, please avoid taking half-day leave for your child unless it's absolutely necessary.

  • Communication Protocol:

    For any queries or concerns regarding your child's education or well-being, please contact the school office rather than directly approaching the classroom or teachers.

  • Parent-Teacher Meetings:

    Your active participation in Parent-Teacher Meetings is essential for monitoring your child's progress and addressing any academic or behavioral concerns. Please make it a point to attend these meetings without fail.

  • Updated Contact Information:

    Kindly inform the school immediately in case of any changes in your address or phone number to ensure smooth communication.

  • Transportation Arrangements:

    If your child avails of school transportation, ensure that they reach the respective bus stop punctually. For day-scholars, please pick them up within 15 minutes of school closing for their safety and convenience.

Your cooperation in adhering to these guidelines will contribute significantly to the overall success and well-being of our students. Together, let's create a nurturing and supportive environment for their growth and development.

Thank you for your continued support.