Knowledge is like water, to be pure, it should keep running.


To shape the young minds of Arni inorder to make them and mould them as models with modern trends to the present society.This MOTTO induced 12 of us with unique mentality to start a school with high order thinking faculties, special areas for language improvement,numeracy along with artistic, physical and interpersonal development.There are also areas for developing every child's inborn talents in various fields of extra and co-curricular activities.The water of knowledge is made running with pure inputs of all physical, mental and spiritual inculcation.

Thus the SBVM MATRICULATION SCHOOL will put in the best efforts at generating a sense of national pride, self respect, self confidence and concentrate in promoting an integrated personality of the future generation with ceaseless efforts for improving qualitative education to our future citizens.

With the blessings of the almighty and of our well wishers , we pledge to make SBVM MATRIC. SCHOOL as SBVM MATRIC. HR. SEC. SCHOOL and also reach its pinnacle.


To inspire and motivate through interesting techniques of teaching, learning and hence education is made easier and thereby life is made easier.

To create opportunities and to develop the inherent qualities of the students through amazing mind testings and curious challenges so that every student turns to be a unique individual.

To train students with modern equipments and scientific gadgets so as to face the electronic world technically.